Line Cleaning & Maintenance

Regular beer line cleaning and maintenance is essential for serving a quality product and minimizing wastage.  The following information is taken from the  Draught Quality Manual, produced by the Brewer's Association.

The Importance of Draught System Cleaning


In addition to alcohol and carbon dioxide, finished beer contains proteins carbohydrates and hundreds of other organic compounds. Yeast and bacteria routinely enter draught systems where they feed on beer and attach to draught lines.  Minerals also precipitate from beer leaving deposits in lines

and fixtures.


Within days of installing a brand new draught system, deposits begin to build up on the beer contact surfaces.  Without proper cleaning, these deposits soon affect beer

flavor and undermine the system’s ability to pour quality beer.


When draught systems are properly serviced using the right solutions and procedures outlined in the Draught Beer Quality Manual, line cleaning prevents the build up of organic material and mineral deposits while eliminating flavor changing

microbes.  Thus, a well-designed and diligently executed maintenance plan ensures trouble free draught system operation and fresh, flavorful beer.


With over 15 years in the business, our service team are experts at all types of draft beer system installations.   From simple, small direct draw systems to multiple tower, long line systems, we've done it all!



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